EnerPHit and Low Carbon Retrofit

What is the EnerPHit standard?

An EnerPHit building is a quality-approved energy retrofit with Passivhaus components. The Passivhaus Trust created the standard for older buildings where achieving the usual Passivhaus criterion is neither practicable nor cost-effective. However, it is still evidence of attaining a very high level of thermal comfort, structural protection and energy efficiency, shown by the fact that the building’s energy balance must be verified using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).

Encraft has experience in delivering retrofit to the EnerPHit standard for small and large scale buildings.  We have a number of Passivhaus Consultant and Designers, working through The Design Buro, who can provide all the support required to both the design and construction teams to achieve the requirements under the EnerPHit standard.

For further information, please contact Dr Sarah Price.


  • Employers requirements/performance specification

  • Development of a step by step EnerPHit plan

  • Air-tightness design review and air-tightness strategy reports and specifications

  • Thermal bridge design review and modelling

  • Building services design review

  • Options appraisal and advice on specialist products

  • Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) calculations including overheating analysis

  • Design stage and final EnerPHit Certification

  • Training and project specific workshops

  • Offsite EnerPHit support

  • Quality assurance site inspections and reports

  • Air-tightness consultancy and testing

  • Leak checking inspections and leak checker fan hire

  • Building user guides


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