Domestic Services

Encraft’s Domestic Services

Encraft operates a wide range of domestic services, including energy audits, energy options appraisals, troubleshooting, expert witness, and air-tightness consultancy and testing.

Audits help improve energy performance by determining the ‘what, why and how’ with regards to energy consumption. This information can then be used to identify potential opportunities for cutting carbon emissions and making significant financial savings. We can help assess all of the options open to you to achieve this, as our services cover both standard energy efficiency and smart energy, where we determine whether implementing smart devices can reduce your bills.

Our consultants also have significant experience troubleshooting, and have the capabilities to resolve a wide range of home energy issues, including those related to boilers. Should your problems be the result of others’ negligence, and not yet resolved to your satisfaction, we are recognised as a highly credible ‘expert witness’. Our role can encompass investigations, court appearances, reports, and quality assessments on a wide range of products and services.

Encraft is known as an expert in the field of air-tightness too, and offers a full range of consultancy and testing services. The air flow rate can be the dominant factor affecting a building’s energy performance, and achieving outstanding air-tightness can be challenging because of the attention to detail required throughout the design and construction processes. Our experts have over 30 years’ experience and have worked on a huge range of low carbon projects, including most of the UK’s Passivhaus stock.


  • energy audits

  • energy options appraisals

  • troubleshooting

  • expert witness

  • air-tightness consultancy and testing

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