Building Performance Testing

Building Performance Investigation and Testing

The Design Buro offers a number of services in order to test the performance of buildings.  They are leading members of the Passivhaus Trust and the Association for Environment Conscious Building. Their team has over twenty-five years of testing and investigative experience and has worked on many leading low carbon buildings in the UK, including most of the Passivhaus stock, as well as assisting with a number of complex projects around the globe.

They have delivered monitoring and metering services for new and existing domestic buildings, and can provide evaluation of the building data obtained, presented in a report format. For certain projects, where social and user behaviour surveys and interviews are required, they may partner with an academic institution to provide a comprehensive Post Occupancy Evaluation service.

For further information, please contact Dr Sarah Price.


  • Air-tightness testing

  • Leak checking

  • Thermographic imaging

  • Indoor climate monitoring including temperature, CO2 and humidity

  • Energy metering

  • Building data analysis

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation


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