Building Modelling and Analysis

Building Modelling and Analysis

Building modelling can be an important part of the design process to understand the impact of the building fabric and services design considerations on overheating, indoor air quality (including humidity and CO2 levels), human comfort and moisture in the building fabric.

The Design Buro‘s team of Physicists and Engineers has a fundamental understanding of buildings and can provide modelling services to enable design teams and building users to analyse risks within the building design.  They can use their modelling to provide reports and offer advice on designs improvements to mitigate against those identified risks. For example, they are often asked to model thermal bridge situations to understand the heat loss associated with those thermal bridges and to analyse the risk of surface or interstitial condensation problems occurring at those points.

For further information, please contact Dr Sarah Price.


  • Thermal bridge modelling

  • Hygrothermal simulation

  • SAP modelling

  • Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)

  • Heat loss calculations

  • Building Sensor data modelling and analysis

  • Dynamic simulation modelling

  • Overheating analysis


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