Air-tightness Consultancy

Why is air-tightness so important?

The air flow rate can be the dominant factor affecting a building’s energy performance. Even small gaps in doors and windows can cause significant heat loss, and once a building is constructed it can be both difficult and expensive to rectify any problems. Delivering outstanding air-tightness (below 1.5 ach-1 @50Pa) can be challenging because of the attention to detail required throughout the design and construction processes. This is where we can assist your project.

We are leading members of the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association, the Passivhaus Trust and the Association for Environment Conscious Building. Our team has over twenty-five years of testing and investigative experience and has worked on many leading low carbon buildings in the UK, including most of the Passivhaus stock, as well as assisting with a number of complex projects around the globe. We can provide services to ensure that construction teams can take steps to achieve very low air-tightness in their buildings, and to support design teams to understand air-tightness products and optimise complex air-tightness details.


  • Air-tightness design review

  • Air-tightness strategy and specifications

  • Advice and training on air-tightness products

  • Air-tightness testing during construction, to Passivhaus standards and below

  • Thermographic inspections

  • Leakage investigations

  • Leak checker fan hire

  • Onsite and offsite training for construction staff including project specific air-tightness workshops


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