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Technical Due Diligence

for Investment in a Micro-Wind Turbine

QuotesEncraft were engaged by an investment company considering investing in an innovative early stage vertical axis wind turbine for the commercial market. We provided a technical assessment of the design and competence of the inventor, enabling our client to take an informed decision on the best way to pursue their interest.Quotes

The micro-wind market is an attractive one for both inventors and investors, but challenging technically as many non-specialists under-estimate the disruptive effect of obstacles on wind energy, and also the practical challenges of reliably reproducing prototype performance when systems are mounted on real buildings.

Encraft has world-leading expertise in the behaviour of wind around buildings and the practical challenges of successfully extracting energy from wind turbines on buildings.

We were retained by this client to provide progressively more detailed technical due diligence of a proposed investment in a novel design of small vertical axis wind turbine, already developed to prototype stage.

As well as providing an assessment of the design and suggesting the critical questions the investors should ask of the inventor, we also set out a a series of practical tests and monitoring recommendations to undertake to prove the viability of the technology in the field.