Web Applications

It’s a very significant improvement that will change dramatically the efficiency of our department.
Debbie Prince — Senior Planning Officer

Encraft’s web applications are used by more than 9000 professionals across the UK. We provide solutions designed for end users and project developers to identify the most profitable investment opportunities and cut the costs of developing on site renewables and energy efficiency projects on buildings.

  • Gateway – Microgeneration Calculators
  • RESPRO – Portfolio Investment Tool
  • Enplanner – Planning Policy Compliance

Some screenshots of our on-line energy tools

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Energize Worcester

Energize Worcester - How Low Can You Go? Easy-to-use web application that allows students to maximise their energy-savings by monitoring their domestic energy use[...]

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Mind the gap

With twenty years experience in the industry Matthew Rhodes has seen government initiatives ranging from the Energy Savings Trust to the Green Deal, via Energy Efficiency Commitments, Clear Skies grants, Feed-in Tariffs and multiple versions of Part L of the Building Regulations. In this viewpoint he tells us how through all that time, we never seem to have got it right in the UK. [...]