Distributed Energy Projects

Encraft brings credibility, flexibility and innovation to what we’re doing.
Dr Simon Slater — Executive Director
Sustainability West Midlands

We work with large organisations, local authorities, social landlords, financial institutions and entrepreneurs to develop large scale microgeneration and energy efficiency projects for the UK building stock.

  • Project analysis and scoping
  • Evaluation of technical potential
  • Technical due diligence
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Business case preparation
  • Financing
  • Quality assurance and procurement

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The Smart Way to Keep Abreast of Developments in the Energy Industry

Halton Housing have been undertaking a series of innovative energy projects for the benefit of their tenants, including heating upgrades and low carbon building A number of forward-thinking housing associations have realised that low carbon energy is not only good for the environment, but also a route to ending fuel poverty, which in turn will reduce the number of tenants with rent arrears.[...]

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Smart Grids

fre-sonneveld-powerlines web Up-coming changes in UK Energy Market Regulations will pave the way for smarter and more flexible electricity networks and greater use of battery storage, opening up exciting possibilities for innovation in the potential role of the Distributed Network Operator (DNO).[...]