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Off-site Wrap-around Large Scale (OWLS) retrofit

OWLS Sitting Comfortably on Solihull Flats

A group of Solihull residents are set to reduce their energy bills by 85 percent, whilst dramatically cutting carbon emissions, thanks to an exciting project led by Encraft. [...]


A Web Application to Make Cheltenham’s Historic Buildings Comfortable and Sustainable

Historic buildings are an integral part of a nation’s heritage and culture, although in their original state they tend not to be the most environmentally friendly or healthiest places to live and work. [...]

Halton Housing have been undertaking a series of innovative energy projects for the benefit of their tenants, including heating upgrades and low carbon building

The Smart Way to Keep Abreast of Developments in the Energy Industry

A number of forward-thinking housing associations have realised that low carbon energy is not only good for the environment, but also a route to ending fuel poverty, which in turn will reduce the number of tenants with rent arrears. [...]

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Encraft - Securing Your Energy Consultants of the Future?
25th January 2017

We're delighted to announce that Helen Brown, our Practice Head of Building Physics, has given birth to a baby boy.

A Selection of Our Recent Contract Wins
21st December 2016

encraft It’s been a busy few months at Encraft. Here are three examples of the wide range of contracts that we have recently won.



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